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What I’m Wearing February 4, 2012

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It’s been a long time! Here’s a quickie for my loyals 🙂

I’m cleaning my house, getting ready for guests and the big game (go Giants!) so I figured I’d look a little cuter than I usually would for housework.


Let’s start with my white off the shoulder sweater. It’s perfect for running around and I found this gem at Old Navy on the sale rack! Wearing my Stella & Dot jewelry (as usual) my burn out tank from Target last summer, vintage jewelry and my most favorite Lucky jeans ever.

If you want specifics, please ask. If you adore those snake earrings (like I do!) head on over to http://www.stelladot.com/jmhedge

Until next time, loyals ❤


What I’m wearing January 17, 2012

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Thrifted Chic

I love dressing people. I would go shopping for busy friends often, but now that I’m a mom and military women don’t really spend money on themselves, I’m focusing on my look once more.

I love vintage scarves. Vera scarves are some of my favorites. I love my Stella & Dot jewelry. Adding a bit of sparkle with a splash of color on such a depressing January day is all I need!

I’m a military wife with a 1 year old and a husband who works very hard for what little he makes. I can’t and won’t spend huge amounts of money on pieces for my wardrobe. I love thrift stores and sale racks. Style is everywhere and in everything. Modifying and taking risks is what makes you, you.


No Heat Curl, Take 1

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My Pinterest addiction has taken me to this. An attempt at the “No Heat Curl”.

The video was simple enough, so I attempted it and here is my result.

No Heat Curl

Trying something new

My hair is super thick and holds a curl rather well, so I didn’t use any product for this attempt. I liked the look, but my bangs and ends in the back were kind of funky, so I messy bunned it up and it looked awesome!

I highly recommend this for the girl who has no time in the morning. You sleep on it, wake up, grab the kiddo, drink your coffee and once you’re awake, shake it out and head out the door. Super easy!

I’m going to attempt this one more time (with a little product and a little more care) and hopefully it turns out better. Keep an eye out for future posts.


Manicure 1-10-12 January 15, 2012

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Manicure 1-10-12

The Golden Moustache


Something to look forward to

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This has to be my bagillionth time attempting a blog. I’ve tried the “professional” blog, the “mom” blog, the “military spouse” blog and I have failed at them all. Which reminds me, I need to go shut those ramblings down…

I do know that I have one gift or purpose and that’s dressing people. I love clothes. I love accessorizing. I love things that are beautiful. I wasn’t blessed with a trust fund, or the chance to go to fashion school. With the lack of funds and privilege, I am often asked where I get things or how I came up with that combination and my response is always the same, “I just do.”

I love thrifting and hand-me-downs. I guess it comes from being from a rather large family. I was lucky to be the only girl with no close girl cousins, but that didn’t make me too good to hit up a second hand store from time to time. My best friends mom will always have items for me (if I want them). Her shoes are usually amazing and her purses are always ones I admire. She’ll slip me the nicer items without her daughter knowing from time to time.

I guess this will be a place to check out outfits and how I take looks in all the major magazines and adapt them to a person who can’t go shopping every week or spend $100 on a pair of jeans. You’ll find me painting the bottoms of my heels red before I own a pair of Louboutins!

Keep coming back for my rantings and ravings and I’ll try to keep this as fashion forward as possible, but with a title such as “Justine-Isms” it’s bound to get of topic from time to time.


– Justine