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What I’m wearing January 17, 2012

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Thrifted Chic

I love dressing people. I would go shopping for busy friends often, but now that I’m a mom and military women don’t really spend money on themselves, I’m focusing on my look once more.

I love vintage scarves. Vera scarves are some of my favorites. I love my Stella & Dot jewelry. Adding a bit of sparkle with a splash of color on such a depressing January day is all I need!

I’m a military wife with a 1 year old and a husband who works very hard for what little he makes. I can’t and won’t spend huge amounts of money on pieces for my wardrobe. I love thrift stores and sale racks. Style is everywhere and in everything. Modifying and taking risks is what makes you, you.


2 Responses to “What I’m wearing”

  1. I love vintage scaves aswell, Blue Rinse at Miss Selfridge have hundreds for £5, Miss Selfridge is where my paychecks go to die 😦

  2. “Modifying and taking risks is what makes you, you”. That is so true, love it!

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