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About January 15, 2012

Name: Justine

Age: 25

Children: 1, boy

Married: Yes


I’m an educated unemployed mother of 1. I’m part of the generation that was forced into going to college just to be spit out in a failing economy where you are now over qualified to wait tables but not qualified enough to get a “big girl job”.

I’ve taken my dull, baby-filled days and turned them into mini fashion shows. I’m surrounded by the Jeans and a t-shirt mother and I just can’t take it. It’s been a long road to get to a put together look while being a SAHM, but I make it work and people are noticing.

I have no formal background in fashion, but I do know more than most. I’m a strong believer that going to school for something doesn’t make you an expert. You have to be passionate about it. I’m passionate about communication and fashion.

Here is my feeble attempt at just that.


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